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A car accident is a stressful time- especially if you or a family member has suffered injuries. If you were injured in an accident and found not at fault, you owe it to yourself to speak with the injury lawyers at Stephen Holman Devraj.

Injuries From Automobile Accidents Can Creep Up Hours, Days, and Even Months After the Accident

Whiplash, sprains, tears, strains, and other types of injury often take time to fully present symptoms. These types of injuries, which often do not seem serious initially, have resulted in long-term, chronic pain for thousands of Calgarians.

Proper Legal Representation Safeguards Your Interests

It may seem unlikely, but insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. The insurance company representing the at-fault party will do what they can to minimize the financial impact caused by the accident, and that includes attempting to minimize the compensation paid out to you.

Our lawyers have more than 20 years experience litigating auto accident injury cases. In that time we have helped thousands of Calgarians receive the compensation they deserve.

Treatment Costs Money & Isn’t Always Covered by Third-Party Medical Insurance

While there’s no denying the advantages of the Canadian health care system, it can leave auto accident injury victims short. Chronic and long-term injuries often require long-term treatment via physiotherapy, rehabilitative therapy, and other forms of therapy that will help your injury heal.

If you have existing third-party medical coverage from an insurance company (such as Alberta Blue Cross or Sunlife), you likely have some coverage that you can rely on. However, this coverage will most likely run out before your injury has healed.

Our lawyers will fight for more appropriate compensation that provides sufficient coverage for your long-term needs.

How Do We Help?

It Starts With a Consultation

If you have been injured in an auto accident where you are not at fault, our legal team wants to meet with you! We can meet any time, any day, and can visit you if you are unable to get to our office.

Whether your accident was just a few hours ago, or a few weeks ago, our legal experts and team of lawyers will be able to provide you clear and honest guidance regarding your potential case, outcomes, and what to expect.


Once we move forward with representation, our lawyers prepare your case. This process depends on your case, the nature of the accident, witnesses, whether or not alcohol was involved, and a series of other variables and elements that make each case unique.

We will:

  • Arrange witness testimony as needed
  • Arrange expert testimony as needed
  • Collect and prepare all evidence to ensure your case is supported
  • Take all steps needed to protect your rights
  • Work to procure a fair settlement for your injury


Negotiations to obtain a settlement are based on a number of factors. A big influence is the nature and severity of your injuries. Our goal is settle on an amount that provides adequate financial coverage for rehabilitative therapy, work wages lost due to injury, as well as other financial compensation as deemed fair and just by the court.

You Don’t Pay Us Until You Collect Your Settlement

Don’t let a solvable problem – payment for legal services – stand between you and a fair outcome. That’s why we don’t get paid until you do, plain and simple.

Call our office to schedule your consultation.

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