CAP Claims

Within 10 days of accident:

  • Seek treatment from your family physician, physiotherapist or chiropractor.
  • If your injury is diagnosed as a:
    1. strain
    2. sprain
    3. grade 1 or 2 whiplash associated disorder (WAD)

then your health care provider does not need authorization from your insurance company for the first 12 weeks of treatment and can bill your insurance company directly.

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  • File form AB-1 and AB-2 with your insurance company if you have been diagnosed with any of the above 3 injuries.
  • File an accident injury report with the police if they did not arrive at the scene of the accident.


Within 3 weeks of the accident:

If you have not recovered, ask your treatment provider to refer you to an Injury Management Consultant for further assessment. Your insurance company must authorize any additional treatment after 12 weeks from the date of the accident.

After 12 weeks:

  • Consult an Independent Certified Examiner if you and the other party’s insurance company disagree as to whether your injury is minor. The party that requests the Independent Certified Examiner’s service pays for it.
  • Both parties need to agree as to who the Independent Certified Examiner will be, or have the examiner selected from an approved list.

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