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Recently Injured? Here’s How to Proceed

Proceeding with your case involves a few steps:

  1. Identify the nature and validity of your claim
  2. Determine appropriate next steps
  3. Gather evidence and witnesses
  4. Negotiation/attempt to reach a settlement
  5. Litigation

Identifying the Nature of Your Claim

First, we identify the nature of your claim and its probability of success (based on our experience, the legal/regulatory environment, and prior cases that set precedence). This piece is important, as it is expensive to pursue claims that are unlikely to be successful.

Insurance companies and law firms that are not acting in your interests may not give you the whole story, taking advantage of your vulnerability and lack of experience with our legal system.

Speak to us first and receive fair, unbiased advice regarding the viability of your claim.

We assess all cases, from major injuries (spinal, skull, or limb injury) to minor injuries that have a cap on the claim.

Determining the Appropriate Next Steps

Different type of injury claims are actioned based on the appropriate next steps. If you have been contacted by a law firm or insurance company representing the other party(ies), we begin by assuming all correspondence and acting on your behalf when dealing with them.

We will provide you clear instructions regarding what to do next, what to expect, and when.

Gathering Evidence & Witnesses

We start by gathering appropriate evidence. This includes any physical evidence associated with your injury, medical records, personnel files, maintenance records, and other information that may be beneficial to your case.

When witnesses are involved, we contact the witnesses and obtain a statement/gather information as needed. We do this on your behalf.

Negotiation / Attempt to Reach a Settlement

Before we look at court as the next step, we attempt to reach a settlement with the other parties involved. In most cases, you are not required to go to court as the case is settled outside of court.

We push for this type of resolution as it is the most time and cost effective for everyone.


If we are unable to reach a settlement, we prepare for trial. We will provide a clear walkthrough of what to expect, likely outcomes, timeframes, and other important information relevant to your case.

Common Personal Injuries

Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

Calgary’s weather makes auto accidents a common occurrence, especially at the winter when the snow/thaw cycle begins. We have worked with hundreds of Calgarians to help them receive fair compensation for their automotive or motorcycle injury claim.

Learn more about auto accident injury claims.

Trip, Slip, & Fall Claims / Premises Liability

Slip and fall claims are often caused by snow/ice buildup, uneven/damaged/cracked pavement, stair wells lacking handrails, poorly maintained corridors and walkways, poor lighting, or liquids on the pathway.

Animal Bites

A bite from a dog (or other type of animal) can not only cause serious physical injury, but also significant emotional trauma as well. We can help you receive compensation for your animal bite injury.

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