What to Do if You Are in an Accident

At the scene:

  • Ask for medical help immediately if your injuries are severe.
  • Call the police so that an accident report will be on record.
  • Collect or ask someone you trust to collect information including:
    1. names and phone numbers, and insurance information of the owner of the car/property which caused the accident
    2. names and numbers of any witnesses to the accident
    3. number or location where police reports/photos of the accident may be available at a later date
  • Take or have someone take photos (even on your phone) of the accident scene
  • DO NOT make any admissions or agreements at the site of the accident

After the accident:

  • See a doctor to have all injuries (even seemingly minor ones) evaluated and treated; get copies of any medical reports, treatment plans etc.
  • Have an experienced and established law firm that has a strong record of representing clients evaluate your claim. Take advantage of free consultations to learn more about:
    1. the responsiveness, affordability, integrity and reputation of a law firm before agreeing to representation.
    2. the time limit to file a case.

What not to do:

  • DO NOT make any agreements or admissions over the phone or in writing to an insurance company or other entity.
  • DO NOT accept an accident settlement without getting a professional opinion on whether it is reasonable.
  • DO NOT assume you do not have a case until you have received the professional opinion of an experienced injury lawyer; do not assume you cannot afford proper legal representation: many established injury law firms will not request payment until they have secured you a reasonable settlement.

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