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What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury refers to any injury that you incur as a result of someone else’s negligence. This injury is to the body – whether physical, mental, or emotional – and excludes any damage or injury to property.

Common types of personal injury claims include:

Motor Vehicle Accident
CAP Claims
Wrongful Death
Trips, Slips & Falls
Animal Bite

Do I Have a Claim?

If you have suffered any of the above injury due to someone else’s negligence, you likely have a case.

However, you should never assume that:

  • Your injuries are too small or insignificant for compensation. Many types of injuries, such as whiplash, sprains, and strains, often take time to fully present symptoms. These types of injuries, which often do not seem serious initially, have resulted in long-term, chronic pain for thousands of our clients.
  • You do not have a case. You may be unsure whether your case qualifies as a personal injury claim. It’s important to get the professional advice of one of our experienced injury lawyers to determine what you are entitled to.
  • You cannot afford legal representation. We will not request any payment from you until we secure a reasonable settlement. We don’t get paid until you do!

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

Never assume your injuries are too minor to be entitled for compensation, or that you can’t afford legal representation. We don’t get paid unless you do – so contact us today!

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What Are My Next Steps?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and think you have a case, it is vital that you follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention
  • Collect medical records and injury information
  • Compile photos and other evidence
  • Gather personal and insurance information of the other party
  • Obtain witness information
  • Contact us to book your free consultation


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